Friday, 27 August 2010

New things happening...

..over HERE...

I've just officially set up a new business called "Mabon Arts"...making lots of things and including a range of hand-dyed threads.

I've posted some on the site today..

...and (hopefully) will have a Big Cartel shop set up to go with it soon.

(It does take me rather a long time to get to grips with all this computer stuff you know!!)

I've decided to do things this way, so that I can keep THIS blog simply as a blog..

..and have the selly stuff going on in a dedicated spot.

Obviously, a lot of things that end up over THERE, will be previewed HERE as they are in the process of being made/done...

..but I hope it doesn't get to seem too commercial.

I'm still working on Giselle..

...and quite a few other bits and bobs for craft fairs.

They should get a posting all to themselves after the weekend.

Have a good one!