Friday, 31 July 2009

...Back in the groove (or rather...the dye-pot!)

After a few days of sorting laundry etc, I deemed it time to excavate the dye-pot from it's resting place and get some colours happening!

First in were some pieces of cotton sheet that I'd rescued from my uncle's house - started with sort-of beiges, then went to yellows...greens....blues...

...then back to yellow/orange, then reds....pinks.....greys....

...and in between cotton sheet dunks, I put in some pieces of "tea bag" paper.....

They worked really well too!......and cost virtually nothing because I'd acquired a pile of it from a recycling source.

...and what am I going to do with all of this stuff?

....tackle some fabric and paper books in the style of DJ Pettit!

I've admired her work for so long, but never actually got around to making anything along her lines.

Well, now that the expo work has finished, I'm giving myself some "Play Time" to do exactly what I please - when I please!

I've prepared some "signatures" - made out of vertical-blind fabric. This takes paint and stitch, and is stiff enough to support itself.

Each signature is double, so that stitching on one side of the "sheet" won't show on the other side (as the two will be glued together to make a single sheet signature)

I have no idea as yet, as to WHAT I'm going to put in my book - maybe I'll just play with colour and pattern this time......