Saturday, 11 October 2008

.. a lazy couple of days....

Been a bit stitching-lazy the last couple of days. But the brain has been working overtime! I'd ordered a few books from Amazon, and they've all arrived - Palestinian Embroidery; Embroidery of India and Pakistan; Embroidery from Afghanistan; and a delightfully inspirational "Afrikan Alphabets" with it's many strange and wonderful scripts/syllabaries. The little fat book on top of the pile is totally about early tribal tattoos - and what a source that is to trawl!

There is so much that has excited me in these volumes that I now cannot wait to begin some rather different "Tribal Cloths". It has, however, meant that I've had to shuffle and dig through a load of workroom boxes in order to find particular fabrics and threads, bottles of dye powders, and pots of natural pigments.

All the foam is ready to make the Adinkra print blocks; just need a nice day to go outside to cut them (because of evil fumes).

.....and the loom is warped ready to start on some stripweave fabric....

If anyone knows of an easy (and legal) way to extend the day from 24 to 72 hours, please post immediately!