Tuesday, 7 October 2008

..and about 3000 beads later..

"Tribal Cloth" #6 is finished!

The middle finger on my right hand is red and sore - but I just can't bear to have a thimble on when I stitch. The problem with this one was that there were an awful lot of beads to sew on, and beading needles are very fine - just the right size to easily poke through skin!

The things we do for love .......

I'm quite pleased with the outcome, certainly the colourway seems to have worked (any comments welcome). The next one is going to be most certainly mauve/purple.

Been looking up bits and bobs on African textiles, and have become very interested in ADRINKA CLOTH and it's symbols. I'm minded to cut some Adrinka printing blocks to use on the next few cloths.

Also toying with the idea of including some woven bands, and some cross-stitch panels.

I'll see what happens when it happens .....