Saturday, 2 January 2021

2021 week #1 New Beginnings

 Well Hello...

...and I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I really hope that 2021 will be a lot better ...

One (probably) positive thing to come out of the awfulness that was 2020... that it seems to have set a lot of us thinking about "things".

Certainly I have come to a number of decisions...

...about things that need to change.

This blog is where my "new start" begins.

I will still be showing "things textile" the title of the blog is TEXTILE BUTTERFLY after all!

Notice that the little words below that title have changed now though...

..."Tales from Ty Mabon".

During last year we (along with all others) had to spend a lot of time at home.

So...we spent some dosh and completely transformed our back "garden" area.

I put garden in commas because, previously, it was nowt but a mass of ugly concrete that had never been loved!

Now is decked and I have had a whole load of raised bed boxes made so that I can do my "Nigel Slater Kitchen Garden" bit around here!

Also we have installed a number of bird feeders and ...

...some very special little people to occupy and help the space.

This...of moi.....on my alternative eco-friendly transport...



Isn't he just gorgeous!!

another Ganesha

...and another...



Winter cabbages

...all making the space feel just lovely

I will be posting updates from the garden... well as the workroom...

...and the kitchen (now and again).

I do hope that you will enjoy my new journey...

It will be lovely to have you along for the ride

x C