Thursday, 24 August 2017

NE Summer School Part 2 - lots more photos!!

After Friday and Saturday .....

...with loads of fun-time printing and stitching...

...Sunday came and it was "Show Time".

Everyone put out their work and then went to have a look at what had been going on upstairs...

...with Ruth Singer teaching Transparent Textiles.

Here are our (almost) finished books....

Meg's "Cathedral Memories"

Jan's "Azure Coast"

Charlotte's "Kyoto"

Vicy's "Tree Journey"

Jessie's two books reminding her of her recent holiday to Orkney "Orkney Echo" and "Sea Song"

Sheila's "Tree Dreams" and "Far Away Lands"

Victoria's "Savannah Elephants" and "Jousting Handbook"

Susan's "Peacocks and Pachyderms" and "Aspects of India"

Enid's "Medieval Tiles" and a brightly coloured (as yet) "Untitled"

Sheelagh's Indian Elephant and Leaf creations

and Kate's "Steps from the past" based around (even more) Medieval Tiles! (VERY popular blocks these!!)

Everyone produced beautiful work...

...and hopefully will continue to use the "tri-fold-book" theme in the future.

Thanks for a great weekend Ladies of the North!!

I look forward to a return journey :-)

x C