Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Explaining "Spell Sticks"


These have caused a bit of a cuffuffle, so I need to explain....

First of all, they are NOTHING to do with Harry Potter or witches of any sort!

The title "Spell Sticks" is one that I have given these mixed-media pieces.

They are made up of a rolled "parchment spell scroll" that has a printed design on it.

The "spell" is very loosely based on the henna shawls of the Berber people of Morocco. These shawls had designs painted onto them in order to protect or bring good fortune to the wearer.

(This interest came about after a Moroccan holiday and is explained in more detail in my book along with the process of printing.)

My "spells" use a made-up "alphabet" of weird symbols, accompanied by geometric designs, dots and lines.

They DO NOT HAVE ANY SPECIFIC MEANING - but I'd like to think that they represent the same sentiments as those of the Berber textiles - good luck and/or protection.

The scroll is attached to the stick by being stitched through drilled holes and then wound up tightly before being secured with machine-made cords with bead-dangles.

The top of the stick is decorated with more beads and some feathers.

I've made these simply because I wanted to do something more with all my printed scrolls....

...and I thought they might make slightly different Christmas presents (for those folk who really do have everything already!)

The only "magic" involved was the enjoyment of the making! :-)

Hope this explains things a bit better....

....but any more questions.....just ask.

x C