Monday, 11 March 2013

"Lavender & Lace" tags

Beginning to feel a bit last!!

It was all stressing me out....

...with so much to get done before the ICHF show at the NEC next week. :-o

Some things will have to go on the back burner and make an entrance at the Festival of Quilts instead.

I lost two weeks to that damned bug!! :-(

This weekend I dragged myself upstairs to get my workshop samples done though. (These are for the twice-a-day free workshops on my stand J10)

Had to pull out a load of stuff...

..and by midday the workspace was looking a right mess.

You know how it is...

...stuff everywhere and not a lot seeming to come together?!

But... 4 o'clock these had emerged (thank goodness!!)

At least I was able to sleep a little easier last night knowing that these were done and in the box.

Still have loads to do over the next few days....

...and hopefully I'll see some of you at the show next week. :-)