Monday, 18 March 2013

...a little bit of printing and stitching...

I've been busy, busy, busy this last week...

..trying desperately to catch up after the "bug"!

Can't show TOO much I'm afraid...

..these will be making an appearance somewhere sometime later. ;-)

I've cut a lot more print blocks...

...and will have many more to do when I get back after the show this week.

The caravan is sitting outside ready to go tomorrow....

...and there's SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!!

Where the hell is spring??!!!

This time last year it was almost sweltering.....and certainly, when we were in Chartres after the show, we were in shirt sleeves for the week.

(Mind you....I nearly slipped on the icy pavement outside the house when we got back home...and the weather never recovered here for the remainder of 2012!!)

Hope to see some of you at the NEC.

I'm on Stand J10 in Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch.

Pop by and say "Hi" if you're there.

x C