Friday, 20 April 2012

..and smaller again......

...this time with a bit of brighter-coloured painting.

This sample was done differently to the others. I covered the calico fabric with a coat of watery lightweight plaster before adding the design and spraying with dyes.

When all the machine stitching was done, I then used some acrylics mixed with a matt medium on a few sections of the panel.

I thought it was a tad "bright and new" looking, so after a rummage around I came across a Tim Holtz distress ink stamp pad (walnut), and, using a bit of natural sponge, went over the surface to knock it back a bit.

Pleased with that! for the hand-stitching around the edges.

(The larger one is still short bursts at a time to avoid a pain in the neck!)


Penny said...

All looking very interesting. Stitch finally arrived at my newsagent with yi=our oiece in it. Will give it a go when I have time.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Wow! The bold color additions really make a difference! I like this alot. Especially the tones you've chosen. Still think that this is a fabulous theme to develop. you might be interested in a post of mine - and a bunch of similar linked posts- from one of my earlier blogs.

Try this address for starters:

Ideas related to historical artifacts of Costa Rica, which I still plan to develop someday! :)


Chris Gray said...

Thanks for that Catherine!

Lovely pieces. Don't know if I can fit them in anywhere...but I'll give it some thought as I'm beavering away on the sewing machine.

I'm enjoying this theme so much, but when this happens there's a danger that I get carried away and give myself a problem with trying to squeeze too much in!

My 2m warrior will test the mettle a bit :-)

x C