Thursday, 28 January 2010

Back home.....and completely wrecked......

...after a very hectic week in Morocco!

WOW! What an experience! A few of us decided we'd had quite enough of freezing cold temperatures, feet of snow that wouldn't shift, and grey we booked ourselves a trip to somewhere much warmer and very different - both culturally and architecturally.

We were based in Marrakech, but took some fairly long trips into the Atlas Mountains and also to the coastal town of Essaouira.

Of course, pour moi, the trip was always going to be "textile heaven"....and it didn't disappoint (you'll have to wait a bit longer for more on that ;-)

It was an amazing experience to see just how others live and work. However, the abject poverty of so many people there was quite distressing.....and I'll certainly NEVER complain about our local refuse-collection service ever again!

I was on a mission to acquire a certain type of flatweave; to find some dyes to use in my work; and to take as many photos as humanly possible.

All boxes ticked :-)))

Here are just some of the photos for now.....

(...I'll be working on a longer, more detailed post to appear after the one for the One World One Heart giveaway ...which should appear here on the weekend.)