Monday, 18 January 2010

...amazing stitching!.....

I've recently aquired a textile from Afghanistan...(from Rayela) embroidered Pastun bodice (circa 1970s)....(the Pastun are the largest ethnic group in the country and who also make up a large proprtion of the population of northern Pakistan and Pakistani Kashmir)

I'm completely blown-away by the needlework that has gone into making this...

..just look at the stitching...(click for closer views)

The beige stitching was originally a bright jade green...still visible on the reverse of the piece that had been protected by a brown lining fabric.

The original background colour was a really bright pink - and the applied braids bright silver/gold.

Here's a photo of the complete piece..

I am in total admiration of the woman who made this!....a bodice for a small child...who probably felt like a princess when she put it on for the first time.

There are also traces of the skirt material....bright pink with gold lines in the weave.

The dress must have been stunning!

Yesterday evening, I had a go at one of the stitches used - open chain (or square chain)....on a piece of fine linen....

I'm not going to show the results!

I couldn't get the stitches close enough...even with a very fine needle....and I now have to admit that my eyesight isn't what it used to be! :-(

I did manage to finish another piece of my own work though...

...a sample for some workshops later in the year.


...but no-where near as delicate as the Afghan bodice.