Monday, 4 May 2009

Thanks for all the kind comments....

I'd just like to say "Thanks" for all the kind comments following the death of my Dad.

He would have been 90 last week, and, when he found out about his cancer, his attitude was "Well, I've had bloody-good innings - I can't complain!"

He kept his sense of humour right up to the end - and thankfully I inherited the "funny-bone-gene" too. It has certainly kept me going through many sad times in the past.

Now, though, I have to carry on - it's what HE would have wanted. He thoroughly enjoyed watching whatever I came up with - strange as some of it may have appeared to him!

He loved my singing, and my music-making; and, last year, for his 89th birthday, he was taken to hear me singing at the Wales Millennium Centre. It made the occasion so much more special to have him there - and I'm so glad now that he was!

He had a really good life, and enjoyed himself immensely.

I hope many more of us can look back and say the same when our time approaches.....