Sunday, 28 September 2008

This was how they started ............

Here are a couple of early samples that have ended up in my "Tribal Cloth" sketchbook. They began "happening" when I took delivery of my Janome Xpression embellisher and couldn't stop playing with it!

Being a weaver too (and an obsessive collector of all things textile), I had a large collection of lovely yarns - hand dyed/ hand-spun/ etc, so I began needling some onto a felt background. They looked OK, but weren't very interesting by themselves.

Out came the embroidery basket with it's collection of various yarns, threads, beads etc, and things began to come together.

The first ones are quite "tight" and close together, and got made into small items like book covers and purses (pictured below).

The "Tribal Cloths" "proper", have the yarns more widely spaced and a lot more added to them. I'm currently experimenting with some more beads/amulets and other bits to add to the vertical gaps. This is the task for the next few days....

I'll let you see what I come up with.