Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wonderful West Bridgford!!

Just had a great two day Summer School...

...making books with the lovely ladies of West Bridgford EG :-)

Piccies...piccies....and more piccies!!

Thanks for inviting me back!!



Suella said...

We all had a wonderful time with you, dear Chris!

Thanks for your generosity in sharing so much of your stash and extensive knowledge. Your ability to keep giving of energies and ideas for the entire two days is highly impressive.

I'm very glad to hear you will be part of our programme in 2018.



Kath Owen said...

A great 2 days - lots of activity, lots of fun, and lots of friendship.
Thank you

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Like a candy store...beautiful examples and I believe fun for everyone too!

Chris Gray said...

I loved every minute of it!!

...and will be very glad to see you all again in 2018 :-)