Monday, 9 November 2020

Taliesin book #1

 This one has been a bit of a journey...

...but a very enjoyable one!

Number 1 in a series of tiny books...

...for the Near & Far group expo ...

...that is (supposed) to be happening at the NEC in March 2021.

(Fingers crossed)

Based on text from the Book of Taliesin...

...I printed some of the Battle of the Trees...

...and used leaf printed fabrics with some stitching,

Enjoy the piccies :-)

Front cover and "pointer"

Back cover

Collage and stitched leaf print

Illuminated letter and Battle of the trees text

Leaf print and collage

Collage and stitch

Rubber stamping and stitched panel

More stamping and collage

I now have the bit between my teeth to get on with the rest of the series!

x  C