Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Bacton Alter Cloth ...

....also now known as T"he Lost Dress of Elizabeth 1st".

Ever since seeing a few videos about this....

...I've been itching to see it for myself!

So, yesterday, in between Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis...

...we went up to Bacton (Herefordshire) to have a little looky :-)

St Faith's is a delightful little country church, once the local church of the Parry (ap Harry) family.. of whom was Blanche, gentlewoman of Elizabeth 1st.

An altar cloth that had been with the church for hundreds of years is now thought to have been one of the queen's skirts.

There is quite a bit about this online...

Here are a few links...

Hampton Court exhibition - link

Finding the dress Video - link

Reconstruction video - link

Behind the scenes video - link

If you can....go have a look at the exhibition at Hampton Court ....

...or, if it's a bit too it is for us at the minute... (exhibition on until 23rd Feb)

...go visit the Church at Bacton - it's a beautiful part of the world!!

A replica cloth now hangs in the frame at Bacton. A scanned photograph printed onto canvas...but a very good one!

You can see all the designs and stitching....although the glass and the reflections from lights and windows can cause a few problems for photography!

I took many photos... are some that came out sort-of OK.

It was well worth the visit.

Now the pencils and transfer pens are coming out...

...together with some lovely fabric and threads!! :-D

I hope you enjoyed the tour....

...and feel inspired (as I do)

x C