Saturday, 12 October 2019

A scissor-keeper and some little books.....

I've given myself a bit of "playtime"...

...and made a scissor-keeper (that doubles as a small pin-cushion)... a couple of small books made with my "leather paper" trimmings.

The scissor-keeper is on black felt with embroidery around a small piece of printed fabric. I used the same felt on the back and lightly stuffed it so it can double as a pin-cushion.

The two small books are made out of off-cuts of "leather paper" distressed with walnut stain. Just a simple three-hole bind with waxed linen makes them perfect to pop in my travel bag ready to be filled with......who-knows-what!!

I did the "leather paper" in the laundry machine with a very light dose of brown dye and when it had dried I sprayed it with some bistre powder that I had found in France.
I think the distressed edges set it off.

Have a great weekend peeps......

x C