Wednesday, 10 January 2018

..adding a bit of sparkle... the silk paper that I showed you yesterday.

I've used my favourite Empress Mills Metallic Machine thread...

...but not the usual "Antique Gold"...

...but M9961 "Black Gold".

It works perfectly....and is a dream to work with...especially if you don't want stripey lines in your face!

This one is more subtle and suits my purpose exactly today.

Simply wiggly running stitch with the stitch length set to 1.5.

Metallic thread through the needle AND in the bobbin.


Because this thread is super fine I find that I have to be very careful when winding my bobbin. It winds on so tight that I've had a few bobbins "burst" apart because they couldn't take the pressure. Not the fault of the thread....but some plastic bobbins can be a bit "temperamental" shall we say. Just saying.....

ps.  I backed the silk paper with some Vilene Softline Superlight Iron-on to stabilise it before stitching.

It'll help later when I take a scissors to it as well!

After yards and yards and yards of stitching I've ended up with a beautiful surface to play with :-)

Now I'm off to the gloop jar again!

x C


Penny said...

Looks lovely, if only it was cooler here. Almost too hot to think.

Chris Gray said...

I wish it was a bit warmer here!! Never satisfied eh? x

Gillian Salmons said...

Looking good Chris, are you hoping to use it in your Journey piece, Gilli @ Tasty Textiles

Chris Gray said...

Yes Gilli.....I'm on a roll now!! :-)