Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Yorkshire....Beakhead capital of Britain!!

Not too long a post today...

...I'm on mobile WiFi and it's really NOT good!

But I simply had to share my little clutch of bagged Beakheads (well, some of them).

First ADEL:-

I've been wanting to visit this one for ages....and I wasn't disappointed when I got there...

...except for the fact that it was snowing and I couldn't stand outside to photograph all of the magnificaent corbels!! :-(


This was a return visit...simply because we were just down the road trying to photograph WigHill Church beakheads...

...but it was locked and the lady with the keys wasn't answering her door! :-(

i loved this one when I first visited and took loads of piccies again today. The Beakheads are so well's difficult to get your had around the fact that they were carved in the 12th century.


Well! What can I say about this doorway. Utterly breathtaking! Superb carving and good preservation too. A truly lovely little spot in the Vale of York.

That's my bit for today folks...

I'll be back properly soon...

x C