Monday, 14 September 2015

Whew! What a Trip!! Part 3

We sailed out of Kalamata and headed for the island of Crete.

No berth little boats ferried us backwards and forwards to the shore at Chania (pronounced Hannia).

Scorchingly hot again!! we hugged the shade and wandered around the little streets off the Venitian harbour.

First things first though.....

....a Greek coffee!!!

After a lovely day wandering...

...we set sail for the island of Santorini where the ship drifted around in the caldera all day. (No anchorage was available because of the depth of the water!)

Wow! Wow! WOW!!!

I'm already itching to do something with these images! :-)))))

We finally set sail for Piraeus so that we could all be transported to a hotel for the last night.

Should have stayed onboard....but Voyager had suffered prop. damages because of a French fishing net and had to go into dry-dock for repairs before the next cruise could set sail.

This put us in the centre of Athens which was a real boon because we could grab a cab and go visit the National Archaeological Museum!

(Is there a theme happening here do you think?)

I was in a prehistorian's HEAVEN....

...and took 729 photos!!

A beautiful building...

...more Greek coffee...

...and lots and lots of ancient stuff!

I took a total of 1834 photographs throughout the holiday.

Aren't you lucky I didn't post them all?!

x C