Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hussif....ta da!!

It's finished!

...and I'm delighted with it! :-)

After finishing the cover I made the inside "pages" with craft Vilene. ( S80/240)

I coloured these using Transfer Dyes ....

...ironed on after painting onto printer paper.

Cutting a long story short a bit here...

...I've now got a hussif that looks like this...

The first "page" has a printed pocket to hold my thread cutter.

Middle page spread has two felt panels for pins and needles.

The back page holds a little notebook made specially for purpose...

...because I always think of good ideas when I'm stitching and they just HAVE to be written down!! :-)

 The pockets formed by stitching the two pieces of Vilene together keep your threads/scissors/pencil safe.

 It is all held nice and cosy with a rat-tail bow.

I skipped all the making-stages here because I'm going to write this up as a "Freebie" project and put it on the website - hopefully by the end of next week.

(Maybe someone else out there would like to make one?)

Skies are clearing....

...stitching beckons....

x C