Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recovery....and a reccy....

At last I've managed to sit down and do a blog post....

...after being completely wiped-out for most of the week since returning from Lancashire.

The Empress Stitch Show was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

New and relatively small by show standards, but the whole experience was wonderful. As Richard Box commented, "Everyone was INTERESTED!". ...and he was right. The visitors were delightful....asking questions...making lovely comments....listening to learn about techniques....AND coming in rather large numbers too.

Both Saturday and Sunday were very busy days, and everyone involved enjoyed the weekend immensely. We have all said to Charles and Christine to "DO IT AGAIN" next year!! :-)

The journey back was a bit of a trial though...

...very windy (headwind this time), and with a caravan on the back, it was like dragging a large brick through a wind-tunnel...

...with the frequent tug sideways from all the passing lorries!

My arms, neck and shoulders have ached all week and I've been SO tired I haven't even sorted out the show boxes yet.

So, when I had to go out and do a reccy yesterday, it was the first time out of the house since coming back from up north.

The reccy concerned was at the very lovely Tretower Court & Castle, just off the A40 between Crickhowell and Bwlch. A REALLY lovely spot, especially on a day when the sun was shining and temperatures more like they should be at this time of year :-)

When I was at Wonderwool a few weeks ago, I was asked by a lady from CADW if I would do a workshop stint at the Tretower Festival on 24th July this year .

She particularly liked my little houses and wants "something" done around the , theme of "Tudor buildings", thus the photo-shoot yesterday.

The plan is to do some stitched/collaged pieces for the day along with some small projects that can be done by visitors to the event.

Just have a look at this doorway..... WHAT could I do with THAT one!!??

I'm going to enjoy this.....

Have a good Sunday.

x C

(ps   Sorry for not popping around the blog trail much lately....I seem to have been half-asleep :-o)