Tuesday, 6 November 2012

...drool away!!! (Warning! lots of piccies!!)

It was half-term last week...

...so we took off with the caravan for a few days near Ludlow.

Unfortunately, no photos to show of my little trip to Colinette Yarns at Llanfair Careinion.....

....but plenty to show from the stitchers' "Awfully Big Adventure" to Artique in Tetbury on Sunday!

Enjoy the eye-candy :-D

A couple of childrens' helmets from Kohistan.

A woven tent band.

A whole pile of tassels edging a yurt band.

Embroidery from Gujarat.

A talismanic hat from Afghanistan.

A toran door hanging from Rajasthan

Uzbek symbolism in cross-stitch.

a beautiful table cloth (or whatever?)

A child's hat.

More embroidery ...this one from Kutch.

A dress bodice

More tassels.

...and finally....more toran embroidery.

Happy days!

x C


ViDerTextil said...

thanks Chris for so much splendor!!!

Penny Berens said...

Oh, yes, I'm drooling! Gorgeous Chris. I'll be back to take a closer look. Love them.

Chris Gray said...

It's my pleasure to provide such eye candy!

...and you are very welcome to re-visit and drool some more whenever you want to :-)))

x C

Eva said...

What a wonderful collection. Real treasures.

suziqu's thread works said...

Absolutely gorgeous Chris!
I love the tassels and that Kutch embroidery!
I wonder if the tablecloth could have been a dowry cloth? I have one very similar.
The textures are just magnificent!
Thank you for sharing these with us!

Rose said...

What a fabulous collection you have provided us to drool over. Thank you.