Sunday, 31 May 2009

More Sunny Stitching....

Weather turned nice again from Thursday, so on Friday we took the opportunity to head-up to Dymock and Ledbury.

I've been threatening to visit Dymock for quite some time, but never managed to get there before now.

There's a display in the church - "The Dymock Poets". A group of poets who gathered in the area just prior to WW1.

Lascelles Abercrombie; Wilfred Gibson; John Drinkwater; Robert Frost; Edward Thomas; and Rupert Brooke. (Poems of all can be found quite easily if you "Google" them!)

It was a real treat to be there, and spend time reading some of their work, and about their lives. I found myself wishing for the clock to be turned back so that I could talk to them.....

There's a bit in one of the information booklets that struck a chord.....

"The First World War separated them, never to meet again. They typify all that holocaust meant.......the end of a way of life."

...and, as Gibson echoed in his poem "The Golden Room"...

"......'Twas in July of nineteen-fourteen that we sat and talked;
Then August brought the war and scattered us.

Now, on the crest of an Aegean Isle,
Brooke sleeps, and dreams of England; Thomas lies
'Neath Vimy Ridge, where he, among his fellows,
Died, just as life had touched his lips to song........"

It made me think of "what could have been".......


It remained glorious for the weekend, so, stitching got done, and two more pieces are now mounted onto canvas panels.

I've taken PHOTOS of these, rather than using the scanner (which didn't work well at all!)

Luckily, with the sun on them, the colours and textures show up really well.

I'm pleased with the results, and have more pieces of background fabric ready to make some larger ones later this week.

.....but, this evening, I'm reading poetry........