Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I'm excited!

Thanks to all of you who have left such positive and kind comments. These are the kind of things that lead to other things ........

........ and I've been given a solo exhibition slot for Aug/Sept 09 at a lovely little gallery in the Black Mountains!

This will be the first showing of the "Tribal Cloth" series, so expect to see lots of bits of work in progress/ sketchbook pages / sample pieces etc. over the next few months. (Hope you don't get bored)

This is the first expo for quite some time now - the last was when I was living in France. I've missed the "buzz" of getting a large body of work done. I seem to thrive on the pressure when the deadline is fast approaching.

As you will have gathered, some pieces are already in the bag, I'm working on #6 right now. There's plenty of time until next August, but I know that it will fly and, as ever, I'll wonder where it's gone again!